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Ivan Dario Perez:

The Transformation of a Stylist into a Visionary of Entrepreneurial Success

Delve into the fascinating world of Ivan Dario Perez, a stylist extraordinaire, passionate instructor, and magnetic speaker.
His story is an amazing journey filled with achievement, innovation, and an unwavering passion for driving other entrepreneurs to success.

With over 30 years of experience in the styling field, Ivan has risen to the top of the industry. His prowess as a master of hair color and specialist in three-dimensional lighting and haircutting techniques has captivated clients around the world. But his talent and knowledge transcend borders, making him an internationally recognized leader.

Ivan has left his mark on some of the most prestigious brands in the industry. For a decade, he was a renowned educator for Wella International and Schwarzkopf / Henkel International, bringing his expertise to Colombia and throughout Latin America.

His relentless pursuit of perfection led him to specialize in Europe, where he trained at the prestigious Pivon Point Academy in London, England, and he attended hair color seminars in Germany and Spain with Wella AG and Schwarzkopf.

Our Mission

But Ivan’s story is not just about his success as a stylist. He is a true revolutionary in the world of entrepreneurship and personal transformation. After establishing his own line of makeup cosmetics in 2002, he was invited to give seminars by major cosmetics companies, catapulting his career to new heights. At the same time, Ivan was revolutionizing hairdressing by creating a new business model that blends art, science, and neuromarketing strategies.

Today, Ivan is the proud founder of Ivan’s Salon Suites, a benchmark in the industry, and runs his successful digital agency, www.webproductor.com and ww.webproductor.net. His mission is to help companies discover powerful new ways to use technology for rapid and strategic growth. His focus on neuromarketing and neuroesthetics has revolutionized the way brands connect with their customers, maximizing return on investment and generating tangible results.

But Ivan doesn’t stop there. His inexhaustible thirst for knowledge and passion for teaching led him to found the www.Beautycoach.pro Online Academy. This comprehensive and accessible educational platform provides aspiring beauty professionals the opportunity to learn from the most creative and talented leaders in the industry. industry. Knowledge and inspiration are just a click away.

In his constant search for excellence, one of Ivan’s most recent initiatives has been the creation of the Master Business Seminar “The Language of Thought”. This seminar, in conjunction with a data automation software, automation.webproductor.com
that combines professional techniques with suggestive marketing ideas for the development of successful businesses.

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we strive to provide a unique and personalized experience, with high quality products and professional attention. We want you to feel refreshed and beautiful every time you visit us.”

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